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Pharmacy System Integration

TSS is fully integrated with a number of pharmacy software management systems.  This level of integration facilitates accurate tracking of your pharmacy business.

Upon scanning the prescription barcode, the point of sale system communicates with the pharmacy system and determines the customer’s copay amount.  In addition, the point of sale system also determines the full retail and the cost for the prescription.  Additional information, such as the customer’s name and the name of the insurance provider, is also tracked.

When a prescription barcode is scanned, the point of sale system is able to advise the cashier and the customer that additional prescriptions are ready for the customer.  This is a real convenience to the customer, particularly if they are purchasing prescriptions for a family member.  In addition, it helps prevent cashiers from accidentally neglecting to scan the barcode – and collect the customer’s copay amount – on a prescription stapled together to a number of other prescriptions for the same customer.

After purchasing one or more prescriptions, the TSS point of sale system takes care of electronically capturing the customer’s signature.  These signatures are automatically archived, and they can later be printed out individually or as part of a log.

Behind the scenes after the prescription purchase, the TSS point of sale system electronically notifies the pharmacy system regarding the purchased prescriptions.  This enables the pharmacy system to keep track of the prescription inventory.

An independent pharmacy’s prescription business represents a significant percentage of total sales.  By integrating with popular pharmacy systems, the TSS point of sale system helps the storeowner keep track of the store’s complete financial information.