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Accounts Receivable Management System

Today’s independent pharmacy needs an efficient and accurate Accounts Receivable management system in order to provide quality service to the best customers while minimizing potential loss to the retailer.

The TSS A/R module is smoothly integrated into the point of sale system, providing cashiers and customers with a highly efficient manner of charging customer purchases and receiving customer payments on account.  During a transaction, the cashier views all pertinent account information.  This can include the names of family members who are eligible to make purchases on a family account.  The account information also includes the current account balance, the maximum account balance limit, the last payment received on the account, and any past-due unpaid account balance.  All of this information enables the pharmacist to make a qualified decision toward accepting or denying the transaction.

An easy-to-use back end module handles all aspects of account management and statement generation.  A variety of reports help the storeowner identify A/R customers who are behind with their payments.

All charge purchases are accompanied by an electronic signature capture.  In the event of a contested charge, the electronic signature can help the store and the customer identify who actually made the purchase.

Store accounts are a terrific way for independent pharmacies to offer convenience to good customers, such as nursing homes and health care institutions.  And unlike credit cards and debit cards, customer A/R charges do not result in the pharmacy paying outrageous transaction fees.  The TSS A/R module enables operators to offer this convenience to customers with a minimum of liability and operational expense overhead.