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Cash Office Administration

TSS is quite unique in that it tracks every single action performed by each cashier.  Armed with this wealth of information, the TSS Cash Office module enables operators to closely monitor the performance of store employees.

At the conclusion of each shift, the system knows the exact dollar amount of each tender that should be found in the cash register drawer.  The system can be configured for either blind or nonblind balancing, depending upon the operational structure used in the store.

After all the drawers are counted and the bank deposit(s) are made at the end of the day, the Cash Office module produces a meaningful and useful Daily Sheet Report.  This report concisely states exactly how the store performed during the business day, both in terms of sales and cashier performance.  Additional reports help identify cash counting discrepancies for selected date periods.  Reports also exist which identify cashiers who exhibit potentially fraudulent activity.

Cashiers in TSS have definable privileges in order to distinguish between “rookies” and trusted employees for limiting tasks such as voids, refunds, price overrides, and payouts.

The TSS cash register warns the manager when a cash register pickup is required.  This useful tool helps keep the amount of cash in each register drawer at a safe level.

WAN or Internet-based financial transaction authorizations mean your credit card, debit card and EBT transactions are settled in under three seconds.  This is a tremendous convenience for customers paying with charge cards and for the customers standing behind these customers in line!

Special item level reporting is supported for items such lottery tickets, utility payments, or money orders.  For these selected items, the number of units sold and the total dollar amount received are accurately reported to the vendor or issuing agency.

You work hard and spend money to bring customers into your store and to encourage them to purchase your products.  The TSS Cash Office system helps your store keep track of the money you’ve earned!